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If you asked me who has the nicest pair of wet boobs, it would have to be Bianca Beauchamp. Infact after seeing this wet pool set, I'd say she wins the lifetime achievement award for best wet boobs.



I was born at 4:35 pm in Montreal on October 14th 1977. My mother is Italian and my father, French Canadian. I was baptized on December 12th of the same year and given the name Bianca Beauchamp. My father was the one who chose Bianca after Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, Bianca Jagger. Since my mom named my sister, it was understood that my father would name the next child. So there you have it! Bianca is Italian for the color white. Since my mom is Italian, she was pleased with the name. Unfortunately, for all of you who might think that I speak Italian, it isn’t so. My mother barely spoke it so I never had that opportunity to learn the beautiful language. My mother tongue is French and I learned English at school, by watching movies and by my many Internet chats.

Kids have to be 5 years old to attend elementary school school for the first time. School starts in September and my birthday is in October... meaning, even thought I would have been 4 years old for 1 month only during the school period, I still couldn't be accepted. I would’ve had to wait a full year before attending. But my father felt this was a waste of time so he falsified my birth certificate so that I may attend school with the others that year. So for the first 10 years of my life I thought I was born on September 14 1977! I was surprised when my older sister told me the news. But I believe that the school director had his doubts because I was short for my age and looked really young.

A part from that, my time at school was mostly without incident. My school was 5 minutes away and most of my friends were boys because I was a bit of a scrapper. I also liked playing ball and climbing trees. I also had a wonderful friend that I unfortunately lost contact with. She was a year younger than me and I adopted her as my younger sister. We fought a lot but we liked each other very much.

So, coming back to school, while most of the girls wanted to be teachers I wanted to save animals. I wanted to be a vet. God only knows that I wouldn’t be able to. First off, my math skills are questionable but most of all, I would never be able to put animals to sleep. But back then I wasn’t aware that vets had to do this so I often dreamed of saving all the animals of the world! Unfortunately, I wasn’t very gifted at school. I was an average student. I liked to talk in class which was rewarded by detention and extra homework. Let’s just say that I was never the teacher’s pet. Some teachers liked me and others, well... :-) Looking back I have fond memories of elementary school. It was a time when I had lots of fun. Ahhhhhh, Childhood!


Things were pretty good at home even though my parents fought once in a while. We often went trekking in the mountains, swimming in lakes, forest strolls and sightseeing in small countryside villages. My parents made sure that our weekends were spent as much as possible outside the city. My parents never really had lots of money but they kept on reassuring us that we would never miss out. We always had more than enough food on our plates and we had fun activities. The only real problem was that we were raised in the same neighborhood as my parents. It used to be a nice part of town but many companies went under leaving many workers jobless. So the neighborhood became poor and aggressive. My neighbors and friends were malnourished. I even saw parents putting locks on their fridge to prevent their children from eating outside mealtimes. It was often sad and stressful. There were even some children that would mistreat us out of jealousy. I was a bit of a scrapper but I wasn’t aggressive. My fights were more like inoffensive games. I’ll always remember one X-Mas eve when our living room windows were shot into many times by pellets. The police finally caught the culprit. It was a neighbor’s child who had just gotten a pellet gun as a gift and wanted to practice! He chose our windows. Many years later, he was arrested again for shooting someone with the same gun. The victim was now blind in one eye!

Today I realize that growing up in a good family but in a rough area of town has affected me. To live in an impoverished and poorly educated environment has given me sensitivity towards others, an understanding of life and an early sense of maturity. But I also talk with the neighborhood’s accent. I can’t really describe my accent but let just say that some of the locals sometimes think that French isn’t my mother tongue. I think that I have a bit of a farmer’s accent! Hehehe! I also have more than the neighborhood accent. Even if I was a happy child I was a mistrusting teenager never accepting help from anybody for fear of being manipulated. I could be physically or verbally violent towards others and myself. Even today, I’m constantly working on keeping my cool when I feel panicked and trapped. I have a “survivor’s” instinct that helped me plow my path. Only that now, and since the age of 17, I don’t live in that neighborhood anymore and I find it difficult to get rid of that part of me.


But before skipping to that time, I should talk to you about my high school days. I really didn’t want to go to my neighborhood’s high school because I wanted to study and not have to worry all the time. Also, most of my friends were going to attend the private high school not too far from my house. So I asked my mom if I could go. I don’t think that my parents could truly afford to send me there but like I said, they often made sacrifices for us. I wanted to go there so badly that I purposefully failed another private school’s IQ test. Looking back, it wasn’t too intelligent to do that. After all, I could’ve also failed the entrance tests to my private school and then I would’ve been forced to attend the neighborhood public school! Luckily, I passed the tests! I still clearly remember those navy-blue uniforms that we had to wear. Thank God that I loved wearing uniforms! I thought that I looked quite sexy. How could I resist? And I also found other female students quite attractive as well. It’s actually during my third year in high school that I realized that I was attracted to women. I still looked at the boys more often but I felt a certain attraction towards women. It’s also during that year that I started dating boys. During the summer of my 15th year, I had my first sexual experience with a boy... and a girl. And no, it wasn’t with my best friend. How could I? She was like a little sister!

My 4th year was very difficult. First off, I went through my first heartbreak. It wasn’t that serious but at that age everything is dramatic! And that was also the year that I discovered that I couldn’t be a vet; I was awful in mathematics. I had to find myself another career... but what? I always knew what I wanted to be. I suddenly found myself with nothing to hope for. As for by behavior, well… it was less than commendable so I often had detention. What can I say? I was hardheaded and stood up for my beliefs. I think that many teachers liked that side of me even though they still had to reprimand me once in a while. I think that a few of them saw parts of themselves in me. And then there were all the teachers who really didn’t like me. To sum it up, no one was left indifferent by my presence. I must specify that we were only 500 students so the word got around very quickly.

Things weren’t going so well at home either. I didn’t really get along with my dad. I felt depressed and misunderstood. Loneliness and my rebellious attitude drove me to vandalism and shoplifting where I got caught twice. I was very lucky and didn’t even have to do community service for my infractions. I won’t go into those details because I would like to keep that part of my past behind me. The teenage years can be very difficult for many youngsters.

Finally, in my last year of high school, I found what I thought would be my vocation: a high school French teacher. Yup! Me, as a child who never had the desire to be a teacher now wanted to become one. It was my French teacher that passed on her passion of the subject. I also wanted to defend my language and share my passion with others (ED.Note: Bianca uses the word "defend" because Quebec Province is surrounded by anglo territory). It’s only in my last year that I realized that I had always excelled in French, that I loved to read and write. So I decided to be a cool teacher, one that would understand the students. Once again I knew where I was going! First to Cegep, then university.


I finished high school at the tender age of 16. In my very early 19's I would meet Martin Perreault, the man of my life. I first met him in a theater-style restaurant where the waiters were dressed up and played their characters throughout the night. Martin played a crazed undead spy. When he saw me he fell under my charm and flirted with me all evening, through his character of course. At the end of the evening he left me a note and his phone number but I never called him. I decided to write to him instead and brought my letter to the restaurant. We wrote to each other for about three months before meeting again at the same restaurant. This time, he was playing a charming vampire. A year later, at the age of 18, I moved in with him.

Not too long after that, I started posing for Martin. He wasn’t really considered a photographer back then. He wanted to be a filmmaker. He did study photography back in high school and also at university. He saw me as his muse but I still had problems seeing myself in pictures: I would rip them up. It took a lot of time and patience to convince me and I finally started to enjoy modeling.

It was also at around the same time that we both discovered latex. And from that point on, most of our shoots were done wearing it. I’ve been posing for the public now since 1998.

While modeling, I started my studies in French Literature at Cegep and then went on to get my certificate in French grammar at university. I then started my teaching degree specialized in French Language teaching for high school students. I knew that one day I would have to stop modeling and dedicate myself to teaching but since I was only a student I didn’t object to doing both at once. I also worked for five years in a MacDonald’s. Yup! I didn’t like working there but my schedule was flexible. I was often tired but I knew that when my studies would end I would be able to rest a bit.

My first Teaching Internship was at my own high school! Imagine the teachers’ faces when they saw me! I have to say that I had been rude to a few of them… And to say that I now wanted to be one of them! During my second internship, in my second year, one of the teachers “accidentally” found my website; Bianca’s Latex Lair and advised my internship supervisor. I met with my supervisor and he pressured me into closing my site (even though there wasn’t any nudity at the time) until the end of my internship. Once my internship complete, I reopened it. My supervisor then threatened to fail me and brought it up with his superiors. I was summoned to a meeting and had to explain my position. Luckily I had help from Martin and from another university teacher who despised injustices. It’s with this help that I managed to get a passing grade for my internship. But, after this incident, the university submitted its conditions: closing down my site during each one of my internships. I had two more internships to do spanning over many months. So I started my 3rd year wondering if I wanted to stop modeling. Being up against a wall made me realize that my passion for modeling was also quite strong. After lots of self reflection and self questioning I chose to pursue my modeling career and left university. It was one of the most difficult choices that I had to do and I don’t regret it.

Of course, for some readers reading all this today, it may seem like not such a big deal. But one has to go back in the late 90's to really understand the dilemma that I was facing. The mere word "fetish" thrown in a conversation had people frown at me. I lost many friends over my decision to model latex. Back then, internet was new, people knew little to nothing about latex fashion, let alone the erotica possibilities of latex photoshoots without it being vulgar or sexually graphical. I was the first online to do it, publically, as a professional model who is INTO the latex fetish side of it too. And that threw off a few people. It was hard for people to understand. But the fans showed me a different light. All of a sudden, I started getting tons of emails from fans who were discovering their latex fetish. For the first time, they could gather on a website, and talk about it openly, with someone who not only didn't judge them, but was actually into it openly. For many many people back then who had a sense of attraction towards the erotic art of latex fetish, may it be as a voyeur, or as a wearer, they would keep it inside themselves and never have the chance to talk about it. And this is how the latexlair started, as a sense of community, and a place for me to express myself in photos.

Soon after making my decision to make a career out of my latex photography, I set some goals and one of them was to pose for Playboy. Being in this magazine would represent a personal and professional accomplishment, which I did a few years later...


I started to work out because, even though I wasn’t fat, eating BigMacs all day doesn’t do wonders for looks and my health. So I started the treadmill and lost many pounds in only 4 months. My breasts were already sagging a bit, but loosing weight made them fall even more! I went from a 34C to a flat and sagging 34B (I originally thought that I was a 34 but I soon realized that I was in fact a 32). That’s when I decided to get a lift and breast augmentation. My first implants were 300cc saline, and I had them in mid 2001. I was once again a 34C. There was lots of pain for the first 3 days but it was bearable. I stayed with these implants for just over a year until a realized that my breasts had started to sag again. On top of that, since my skin is so thin, we could see lots of ripples caused by the saline implants. And also, the surgeon had made the decision to have one implant filled with less volume than the other one, thinking it would look balanced, when in fact after a year they both looked totally disproportioned. So I decided to get bigger silicone implants to avoid ripples and to prevent sagging. My second implants were 600cc silicone, and I had them from 2002 to 2009. I originally thought I would become a nice 34D but after the surgery I realized that I was in fact 32 so my measurements became 32DD with those implants. In 2009, after a lot of additional training over the years and loosing most of the remaining fat in my breasts, I found that I wasn't content with how they looked anymore. Further more, my right breast started developping scar tissue at the bottom of the implant, and a strange "square shape" was showing under my skin below my right nipple. So I decided to go under the knife one more time, and this time I thought, might as well go all the way! So I went with 800cc silicone implants, which brought me to a fabulous 32FF.

To anyone curious about breast implants, I recommend That site helped me out a lot furing the whole process.

I'm now completely satisfied with my breasts’ shape and size. I know that many people think that cosmetic surgery is scandalous but not me. I think we have to try and understand, not judge. It’s funny how we never judge someone for improving their intellect. Don’t the mind and body form a whole? Anyways, I've trained my butt at the gym 5 days a week since I was 20! Anything on my body I cannot chnage through natural training, damn it, I might as well improve through other means since they are available! :-)

After quitting MacDonald’s, I worked in a video store, a sex shop, and was a waitress in two different strip clubs (first half of 2000's). Since 2005, I now strictly focus on my modeling career with my partner Martin. I did a variety of magazine & publications covers (over 65, 2011) including Playboy Lingerie Edition (my first Playboy appearance! (nov2003)), and I was published in over 100 various publications. My family and friends are very proud of me and I must admit that I am too.

LATEX 2000'S, EARLY 2010'S...

The second part of the 2000's, I've travelled accross the world for multiple photoshoots and to attend international fetish events, most of the time as Mistress of Ceremonies. I continued to appear in magazines all over the world, from Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia, and broke the record at Bizarre magazine for being the model with the most covers (which I still hold in 2011 with 9 covers to my name). In 2005 I was hired to play the main villain character for the videogame SIN EPISODES, for which I did a complete photoshoot and went to E3 to meet with the thousands of fans. I soon after released a DVD featuring 90 minutes of footage of my whol experience. In late 2000's, I released on DVD two reality-films called BIANCA BEAUCHAMP ALL ACCESS and BIANCA BEAUCHAMP ALL ACCESS 2: RUBBERIZED, two 90 minute films following me and kinky friends at a 3-day international fetish event. It was at that time I appeared on ASKMEN.COM's Top99 Women of the Year, two years in a row, where I made it to position 31st and 24th! What an honor it was!

In 2010, I started diversifying my investments by investing into King Camera, a photo Applicatio for the iphone designed and co-created by my partner Martin Perreault and his long time friend Yanik Chauvin, also a professional photographer. The application saw the light of day in June 2011 on the iPhone App Store with vibrant reviews from the online techno community, saying King Camera was one of the top 3 photo apps of the App Store.

Since 2011, I've been hard at work on continuing on improving on my latex and glamour photography.

Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp

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